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About Me

Hey, I'm Rowan Clifford the founder of Minimum Viable Life Project.

I started this project because it was something that I had struggled with for years.  I'd been stuck in dead end work for years.  I'd built countless online businesses all with the intention of transforming the world. 

Sadly, none of them did :(

I tried, and tried for years desperately trying to make something that worked, swinging for the fences each time, hoping to hit a home run.  Yet, my position stayed the same.  

I was still working for the man and no closer to my dreams of generating passive income online to live the digital nomad lifestyle.

That all changed when I made a decision to stick to the fundamentals that work, stop swinging for the fences, and follow a system that's proven to work.

I used the Income Stacking Method to build multiple streams of income, and within the space of 12 months I was finally free.

I want to share everything that I've learned so that you can make the transition out of your day job too, as I know all too well how difficult that transition can be.

Peace out.


Basic information

Personal Details

Location: From the UK originally.  I'm currently in New Zealand.

Age: 36

Email: rowan@mvlproject

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